Outlets and Inlets

Now you’ve properly met my pen-and-paper counterpart, I’d like to actually introduce myself.  My name is Ericka.  I’m a graduate student…in Biology…officially a researcher by occupation.  I have, as you’ve seen, a little creative outlet who has a mind of her own.  I’m also something of a nerd – a fan of good films and great books – with a home-grown, long-standing love of food and over the last few years, food blogs too!

Which brings me to the purpose of writing this particular post —

What got me so interested in food blogs and why would I start a blog of my own?

The real answer is life, enjoyed.  The full story (made a short one, I promise – I don’t want to chase you away already…) is about family and friends and small town wanderings.  Growing up, life seemed all about family and food.  My mother loves baking, inherited that love from her mother, and thankfully, passed it on to me.  Each year, when my family hosts a Christmas party for the gang of extended family living nearby, she and I go all-out – happily whipping up enough cookies, pies, and peppermint bark to satisfy a small army.  My dad, on the other hand, loves cooking and grilling.  I would have to say his weekend breakfasts have always been my favorite…waking up on a lazy Sunday to the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee and the savory scents of sizzling bacon, melting cheddar, and fluffy scrambled eggs…and those memories are only made better when some of them were coupled with our many vacations in North Carolina.  Trips to my grandmother’s home there over the years come together to weave a consistent tale – one of shared family stories, laughter, and great feasts that were for no occasion other than togetherness.

These trips cultivated a passionate desire for travel and adventure…but even my little hometown – a quaint Floridian beach-side resort, just south of a beautiful ocean inlet – which prides itself on fresh seafood and family-owned restaurants reflects all that I love about finding new places to experience life…

The rest of this story all happened because of a cupcake…

this cupcake.

A love of food and frivolity brings people together…it’s certainly a bond I share with one of my best friends, Jen.  She also loves baking…and she made these cupcakes a couple of years ago, just before I came over to visit…

At this point in the story, I proceeded to devour four of these cupcakes…

Yes, they are that good.

She emailed me a link to the recipe, and from that moment on, I read each new post on the Novice Chef blog.  I stumbled upon other amazing bloggers as well, and began to make food blog reading as much a part of my morning routine as drinking a gallon cup of coffee….

Two years later, their sweet inspiration led me to start this venture.  I hope that, through this blog, I am able to, not only have a lot of fun on my own, but also – with any luck – inspire and amuse my readers just as much as my favorite bloggers have amused me.

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