tuesday things

Good morning, Internet!
Ready for Round 2 of my nonsense?

What, no? Oh, too bad.


1)  I consider the fact that I only eat the dark chocolate a sign that I’m being as health conscious as is possible after another candy-laden holiday…

This is obviously false but…dark chocolate.  Can’t help myself.

bikeride sunny

2) It’s getting progressively warmer in Florida…I would be annoyed but considering all the beautiful bike rides I’ve been able to indulge in this weekend, I couldn’t be more content.

It’s as though my sandal-strap tan-lines appeared again overnight.

3)  Yesterday I mentioned an Easter dinner of lasagna (and garlic bread worthy of the heavens!), right?  Well, I had chatted about making some sort of vegetable lasagna.  My mom and I sat brainstorming, bouncing ideas off each other and at some point, making a skillet lasagna was suggested.  Great idea, yes?  I’ve been thinking of it for a while, but certainly craving it yesterday.  Why am I bringing this up?  Because of this.  How does she do it?  It’s like she reads my mind!  This happens all the time.  I’m consciously suffering a cookie craving and the next morning I surf my favorite food blogs to find How Sweet’s posted a new cookie recipe.  Pizza, banana bread, cupcakes – the exact flavor combinations, the same cooking method – it’s like we’re on the same food-related brain-wave.

I would say we should be friends, but I suppose that sounds silly.

By the way, she’s writing and photographing stuff for a COOKBOOK! Get excited – I am.

4)  Speaking of cookbooks, I really want to invest in this beautiful baker’s book.  I follow her on Instagram and was teased with images of this to. die. for. grilled cheese before today’s posting.  Holy Yum.  Can I have one?



5)  I have to gush a little about this fun Whovian necklace I purchased on Etsy a few months ago.  I love how quirky, arty, and yet somewhat subtle it is…even complimenting Whovians don’t see the TARDIS immediately.  When they do, the reaction is delightful.

6)  I came across this fabulous post the other day.  Aaah! Yay! Another excuse to try making macarons and I even get a sort of support group happening.  I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making these delicate French cookie confections for quite some time now.  I guess this means April is the month to cave in and buy that almond meal flour!

Hmm…should I make chocolate, pistachio, raspberry, or….

this presents an all-new problem…


7)  I really want to read this book.  Really really.  So much so that I snapped a fancy Instagram of it at Barnes & Noble this weekend, despite having talked myself out of it after looking at the price tag.  I happen to be a huge fan of the Fitzgerald’s and their wild invented and actual lives.  They were both fascinating people.  I’ve read multiple biographies and several of Scott’s novels and I’m hooked.  I’ve been hooked since I first read The Great Gatsby actually – almost a full decade ago.

And yes, I said “Scott” as if we were on a first-name basis at some point.  I’m also pathetically debating whether I want to go ahead and cut my hair short now or wait until just before the new movie comes out… (OMG GATSBY IN THEATERS YAY!)

No, I don’t have a problem.

8)  I first met Nathan Fillion in watching Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.  (Fellow nerd readers are wondering if I live in a bubble and the answer is probably, yes.)  As a result, my initial impression of this pretty spiffy actor was…”Ew, what a jerk.”

By now I’ve seen (and enjoyed) Firefly.

And now I’m crazy about Castle. Needless to say, my opinion has changed for the better.

9)  Going to a wedding! on Saturday!!!  Congrats to the lovely couple, they are two truly wonderful people.

I have no idea what I’m going to wear.  Story of my life.  (Guess this means I get to go shopping today?)

double feature

10)  Oh Whole Foods.  I’m torn between thanking you and lamenting your exceptional ability to enable my addictions.

Oh well.

One thought on “tuesday things

  1. If you thought Nathan Fillion was a jerk in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, don’t ever watch him in Buffy. :)

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