tuesday things


1)   When I was in high school…aaaannd we’re not going to get into how long ago that was *cough* I would come home every afternoon and watch reruns of Law & Order.  We’re talking the original here; my favorites were always the earlier seasons from the late 1990s.  Currently, thanks to Netflix, I’m spending my time at home listening and half-watching season 6 while I do chores and similar menial tasks.  Of course, this means that all those tasks go a bit slower…meh.

Okay, so I’m sort of drowning…Haaalp!


2)   Summer solstice falls on June 21st this year, but the heat wave rolling in here, particularly around midday, has me wondering if it’s not already here. 

This weather inevitably has me daydreaming of beach-side brunches with strawberry lemonade, floppy sunhats and billowy sundresses.  When I was younger, I used to fight it…but if you can’t beat it (which, hey, it’s just the time and the season, you really can’t) you might as well dive in headfirst to enjoy it.  The crisp air of autumn and the lazy soft comfort of light sweaters will always be my favorite… but in the meantime I’ll imagine warm nights and margaritas, beach strolls and bike rides, all with a smile.

3)   For me, summer also means attempting to make a dent in what I call my “Life Reading List.”  Basically, it’s a word document with a (very) long list of novels and stories that I want to read…originally meant to be a list for the summer, it’s length has transformed it into a list for a life time.

Last night I spent about an hour (I’m meticulous…hush, no judging) inventing a “Life Movie List.”  I hope to make a decent dent in that list this summer too.

4)   Saw this post yesterday….yum! So, who’s going to come here and make me one for breakfast…hmmm?

5)   While we’re on the subject of breakfast…I may need one (or three) of these too.


6)   I know…I’m a little obsessed.

7)   So, I know I’m jumping from breakfast to dessert here (for anyone who knows me, this wouldn’t necessarily be considered out of character…), but I just saw this post this morning and um…wow.  I would just love to reach into the computer with a spoon and take a little scoop of this sunny-colored delight.  Ah, if only.


8)   Of course, if reaching through the computer were possible, I’d help myself to a slice of this too.

9)   Every time I take a walk near my apartment complex, I catch a whiff of the spicy, enticing aromas diffusing in the air from the kitchen of a little Jamaican restaurant just down the block.  I’m struggling to reason myself out of walking there for lunch today.

For some reason, I’m craving jerk tofu…

I don’t think I ever imagined in my youth that I would want to feel like my face is on fire, but I guess life is odd like that.

10)  Honestly, I should resist going out for lunch, since I’m trying out a new restaurant tonight!  I’ve never been to Saboré before…perhaps I’ll return from my food venture with pictures…

2 thoughts on “tuesday things

  1. Um, it’s Tuesday. And there are no new things. I hope that means a little Ericka drawing explaining Wednesday’s Whimsies or something as a special substitution for Tuesday Things! :-)

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