tuesday things


1)  Summer storms are imminent in the forecast for today so I’m enjoying the view from last week’s morning bike ride while I sip my coffee.  Not a bad way to start the day, certainly.

2)  I wouldn’t say no to starting the day with these (or these) either…

3)  I’m probably guilty of saying this too often, but how on Earth is it already June?!  I rather feel like May came and went in a colorful blur, but I guess it’s no matter.  I’m certain it will be autumn before I know it – a notion I’m not at all averse to,  since autumn brings with it crisp air, light sweaters, and all things pumpkin…

June may pass me by just as quickly, but at least it promises to be just as colorful.


4)  9 AM and I’m already drifting into thoughts of lunch…I may need to go to a local produce stand to gather ingredients for this — this salad has my name written all over it.


5)  I came across these beauties the other day and they seriously rekindled my cookie-craving.  Ugh, I’ll take ten…(or twenty).


6)  I’m a little wary that the only lucky thing about my encounter with the little bug in the photo above is the fact that it didn’t mind posing for it’s Internet debut…

7)  My brain seems to be on vacation without me this morning…maybe plying it with more coffee, a piece of chocolate, and Law & Order reruns will tempt it to return and cooperate…

Such methods have worked in the past.


One thought on “tuesday things

  1. I’m always searching for my brain. I often find it snoozing in some obscure corner of a library. How it gets to these places I may never know. Please stay dry and safe in the midst of these Florida summer storms. I was caught in one yesterday that forced me to stop at World Market until it cleared up. While there are worse places to be, my bank account would rather I stay home next time. :-)

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