tuesday things


1)  It’s a hot and steamy summer already and anything cold and/or citrus-flavored sounds generally perfect & refreshing to me right now.  I’m really craving that lavender lemonade from a few weekends ago, but these would be a welcome treat as well.

2)  I saw the title of this post last night and immediately thought of Grease.  In true geeky fashion, I’m foolishly proud that I caught the reference…also her cookies are amazing, almost too pretty/cute to eat…


3)  Remember the book series I told you about?  The DAFFODILS Mysteries?  The commemorative bricks mentioned in the novels…they are actually there – in case you get around to reading them and start to wonder – I thought I should let you know.


4)  This.  The idea of strawberry – rhubarb anything is excessively appealing to me for some reason (oh, right – ’tis the season…).

5)  I had thought I had appeased my need for pie…then I saw this.

I suppose I thought wrong.

6)  Oh…and this…is also basically pie.

I may have a problem.


7)  The confection above was… well, dangerously delicious and it made me want to make marshmallows again.

8)  I’m so impatient for Thursday night — awaiting the next episode of NBC’s Hannibal…  This is not a common thing for me – I never seem to be able to keep up with any particular show and always seem to be watching seasons long after they’ve been over and released on DVD or to Netflix.  I don’t actually watch a lot of television. Period.  This show has definitely been the exception.

I think my appreciation of the Hannibal films was the perfect priming for my interest — the characters are familiar but portrayed so well in the TV series that I’ve been completely hooked since the pilot episode.  Only two episodes left in the season and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

9)  Would someone please come and make these for me, for breakfast…?


I promise I’d share.

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