tuesday things


1)  Good morning.  Pretty flower.  Need coffee…

*zombie-walks to kitchen*

2)  This whole morning thing might be easier today if this beautiful breakfast of sweet-tooth champions were awaiting me.  Ugh, there aren’t even words.  Pre-coffee me just wants to face-plant into that glaze. Holy. Yum.

3)  In an attempt to wake myself up faster, I’m going to find something to get excited about…

New Alexander Hawthorne Upcoming Episode Preview! YES.

You can watch the new teaser trailer for Episode 2: “Bends at the Elbow” here.

My commentary is you’re curious:  “Hmm…that green-glowing eye thing doesn’t bode too well for poor Alex…”

3)  Oh and another thing to get excited about:

Thursday! Thursday! Thursday!

The season finale of ‘Hannibal’ is on this Thursday!  I can’t even handle it.  Who else watches this show?  Oh and if you don’t… why not?!

I don’t want to spoil anything but if there’s anyone out there in the internet who wants to gab about the show with me, I’d totally welcome that opportunity.  The last episode ended on a moment so rife with intensity that I suspect the final episode will be fairly stressful to watch…

not to mention particularly stressful for Will Graham…

4)  I love this post and this lady.  She’s just wonderful.

5)  Breakfast, please?  No seriously.  Bourbon syrup on mini buckwheat pancakes?   Oomph.  She even posed the question “Is this still breakfast?”

Sure, it’s breakfast! And oh, how I wish it were my breakfast.

Or brunch I guess – you know – after I stuff my smiling face with some of that cinnamon pull-apart bread mentioned above.

6)  Aaaaand one list item later I’m already thinking about lunch.  But this is so colorful – can you really blame me?  Oh and it’s salad – look at all those vegetables – this just screams Healthy!

…while still screaming Delicious!  A necessary follow-up meal to the breakfast of my dreams that I’m planning…

7)  And maybe some cookies too…yeah, you know – to even things out…

O.K., I’m done.

One thought on “tuesday things

  1. Well that preview of AH was pretty awesome!! I’m also looking forward to the next episode! I hear that the filming should be done this month and that episode 2 will be out next month sometime.

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