tuesday things


1)  I had a furry, yellow, four-legged shadow this morning.  Either the dawn light does very peculiar things…

or my dog is nosy and his tendency to tag-along rivals that of a toddler.

2)  I need some girl-time.  Like, small-reunion-of-my-favorite-people-time.   Ideally, this would include a jaunt to a few of my favorite shopping-haunts…preferably a gigantic used bookstore that I’ve probably mentioned on here already.  And then of course, baking and cooking – coupled with something like this.   Why, because all my ladies are lovely.

And we all love food. Fact.

And who doesn’t love an excuse to wear bright colors and breezy sundresses?  Not that an excuse is ever really needed…

3)  I haven’t been to the movie theater since the Gatsby release and I’m missing one of my favorite pastimes.   I’m holding out for Much Ado About Nothing , although knowing my town, I may have to journey over to Orlando to see it…

But no matter what film I see in theaters next, I’m definitely smuggling in some of this.


4)  I’ve been reading like mad lately.   Currently, racing through the pages of a series of quirky murder-mysteries starring a veteran journalist and his new-acquired and shockingly brilliant Siamese cats.  I’ve read a few of the Cat Who… books before, but they make excellent summer reads.  I’m also reading The Maltese Falcon.  Even in the lulls between the plot’s more suspenseful events, I find I’m still perched on the metaphorical edge-of-my-seat by the intensely thrilling language and imagery throughout.  So far – in short – I love it.

5)  If I had my way, I’d spend the whole day lounging in the warm sunlight, reading and snacking on one of these.  Yes, that would be fantastic.


6)  So I mentioned reading…?   Mostly only reading new things, but there’s always time for a little happy reminiscing where great books are concerned.

7)  If I do bask in the summer sun today, I may alternate between the aforementioned Thai Tea popsicles and these.   Berries are so healthy (and delicious!) after all.  In fact, I’m certain I need one.  Maybe three.

8)  Back to the Lovely Lady Lunch idea – if I manage to arrange it, I want it to include these.

May I just say that the lovely Joy the Baker clearly knows how to live well.

9)  I have a craving for grilled cheese.  If I thought this required apportioning blame, I’d blame How Sweet Eats.  Ugh.  Lunch, please?

10)  Maybe I should actually eat breakfast first…oh hey, look – a butterfly!


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