tuesday things

Sitting in front of the computer, frowning mildly at the blank screen, casting a metaphorical net in my sluggish brain, fishing for something to write about…or at least one thing to start out with…

and what do I land on?  What thought, you may ask, sounds alone over the faint chirping of crickets within my empty skull?

…Snape, Snape, Severus Snape, DUMBLEDORE!

I love it when that happens.



1- ish)  My thoughts went from Potter Puppet Pals to hot fudge, cherries, and bourbon milkshakes… this is a perfectly logical progression, I promise.  At least, normal for me.  For many others it may require a certain stretch of the imagination.

You have no idea how much I would love one of those.  Ugh!

2)  I’m so glad my friend showed this to me — because, sometimes, I need to be reminded…You Can’t Please Everyone.


2.5)  ….kitty!

3)  July is a dangerous time of year.  The rampaging waves of insufferable heat addle my brains & I become hazy, delirious…  I’ve been daydreaming about pumpkin pie and cozy cardigans… I’ve even started pinning Halloween things on Pinterest (ahh!).   At the rate I’m going, I’ll be listening to my favorite wintery classical music before August…HALP!

I need an intervention…preferably an intervention of the mango mojitio variety…

4)  Okay…this beautiful creation could bring me back to the reality of summer in a heartbeat – Summer Vegetable Panzanella?  Um…what?  A salad, sure…but a salad that requires the integral ingredient of bread.

Thank you, Italy.

5)  And to follow that salad, I may just need a huge bowl of this guacamole and some warm crispy tortilla chips.

That would make my day.

6)  Ooo! And for dessert – Ritz Cracker Ice Cream Sandwiches.  Yes, please.  I absolutely love this post.  Chocolate drizzled over Ritz crackers, a scoop of rocky road — sweet and salty sinfully delicious and all accompanied by pretty pictures.  This lovely blogger is a genius.  I doubly love that her next post was a pretty hefty book list.  Fantastic!  (Especially since – my favorite – Scott Fitzgerald is featured!!!)

7)  Last week’s tea party spread was simply smashing.  I whipped up some honey butter while my friend sliced bread for her Curried Chickpea Salad (yum!).  There was a plethora of tasty tea biscuits, as well as Irish herb butter, brie and tomatoes, fresh bread, sweet grapes and blackberries, and probably 80 different teas that came tumbling out of my BFF’s kitchen cabinetry…


Ridiculous – in a completely and utterly delightful way.

8)  Every time Miss How Sweet posts vacation photos, I just want to go on a road trip and take pictures of all. the. places.   There are food-related adventures to be had and I’m just sitting here… clearly, there is something wrong with that picture.

9)  Today will be a hot one, so I think I may need two milkshakes.  One of the aforementioned boozy ones and one of these Banoffee Milkshakes – both filling up very large glasses.  Please and thank you.

10)  Two words.  Alexander Hawthorne.

Soon, soon, soon!  Gah! I’m soooo excited (and impatient!).

Happy Tuesday, my friends.

2 thoughts on “tuesday things

  1. Ericka! I love this so much because 1. I feel like you probably spend as much time reading and browsing blogs as I do and that makes me feel less weird and 2. I adore How Sweet Eats and I can tell you do too! Now I wish that instead of working on a watershed master plan, I were drinking roasted cherry bourbon milkshakes in Florida with you… sigh… Hope you are doing well!!!

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