tuesday things


1)  Being Florida-born, I once took the surrounding flora and fauna for granted… sometimes, I still do.  I guess it’s an unfortunate behavior acquired with age and subsequent mental preoccupations.  However, I think I’ve grown into a deeper appreciation for the beautiful little things my hometown has to offer after leaving my disillusioned teenager stage and reminding myself that I’d like to retain a little of that ‘easily-amused’ aspect of youth.

So, forgive me and my pretty flower pictures…pretty please?  As a warning, I’m probably going to keep my eyes open for more and keep sharing….just chalk it up to me being easily amused.

2)  Speaking of flora and nature-type stuff…

Wow! This gorgeous cake decorated with… meringue mushrooms?!

I just love Heather of Sprinkle Bakes.  She’s so talented – she basically works cake miracles… And let’s be real – those are clearly some of the best, most whimsical and wonderful types of miracles.

Cake generally equals happiness.

3)  And, well, the same goes for ice cream…at least in my book.

So naturally, when I saw Picky Palate’s post about visiting the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop in Disney’s California Adventure, I instantly wished I could Apparate to Downtown Disney in Orlando for a treat at the Ghirardelli Shop there.  I’ve been before and, like the location in the aforementioned post, the one in Orlando is well worth a visit too – especially for the free square of tasty chocolate that you get upon walking in the door.


4)  Cutest.  Face.  Ever.


5)  Returning to the subject of food following the brief segue of adorable puppy faces —

I just saw these firefly cookies and (as usual) Bake at 350 has made some of the most charmingly decorated cookies I’ve ever seen.  I have to comment on this post, not only because Bridget is always impressing me with her obvious talent and patience for decorating – which is not at all as easy as it may at-first seem, but also because I love fireflies!  I can empathize with her for wishing she had them where she lives because they are quite scarce in Florida too.  Quite a shame.  I’ll always have fond, summery memories of visiting my grandmother in North Carolina and chasing fireflies in the evening… after having a sizable helping of peach cobbler.

6)  I want this flatbread pizza for lunch.  Anyone want to arrange that for me…?

No?  Oh, okay.

I’d stick around and blather on some more, but I need a coffee refill.

Happy Tuesday!

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