wait…it’s wednesday already?!


1)  A flurry of birthdays and errands and friends’ visits have had me a little bit absent on the internet and in the kitchen I’m afraid, not to mention the lingering bruises and scabs on my sad-looking hands…

Guess who’s going to look like the ultimate safety geek while riding her bike any time in the coming future…?

This girl. Blaaahhh.

2)  However, things will get back in swing soon and when they do return to a semi-normal rhythm, I think they will involve granola…and cookies.

And probably pasta.  And salads…

Um…all the things.

3)  For kitchen inspiration, I’ve been turning to my favorite sites, as usual.  Oh and Pinterest…which just directs me to new favorite blogs.  Below are a couple of promising-looking recipes to drool over:

Roasted Broccoli and Tomato Summer Pasta Skillet by Country Cleaver

Greek Salad With Lemon and Oregano by Smitten Kitchen

Fig, Blue Cheese, and Bacon Salad with Fried Shallots by Love & Olive Oil

SnoCone Cookies (these are so. stinking. cute.) by Bake at 350

Black Bean, Corn and Quinoa Stuffed Peppers by Bev Cooks

Super Simple Chocolate Cookies by Dine and Dish

Soft Batch Oatmeal Bars by Edible Perspective

….that’s really not a comprehensive list but since I don’t want to overwhelm you, we can pretend it is.

4)  Went grocery shopping…forgot to buy more coffee.  Needless to say, this is something of a crisis.  Luckily I had some leftover coffee, still in date and perfectly acceptable, in the pantry.  However this particular coffee was Dunkin’ Donuts “Mocha Mint” variety, purchased last Christmas.  The aroma is incredible.  It makes me want to eat a peppermint patty for breakfast, or make a mug of hot chocolate and stir it up with a candy cane.  It’s ridiculous.  I want to turn the temperature down in the house and drink minty chocolate coffee and watch Christmas movies now….and totally ignore the fact that it’s bound to be a cool 95 degrees in the shade today….ugh.

5) Complaints of the heat aside, the calendar has shocked me with the news that it’s practically August already.  This happens to me all the time, basically every year.  It’s June 1st, I blink, and then all of a sudden, stores are putting out their back-to-school supplies.  Thankfully, the internet has helped to comfort me – now I know I’m not the only one asking the question, “Where did July go??!”  Pretty much everyone else in the blog-iverse is shocked too.  Every. Year.  Without fail.

Oh well, I guess I’d rather if time kept me on my toes than the alternative.  At least we are never too terribly bored with waiting.

But since summer is trickling away, I’m really pleased to have found this clever and useful post:  How to freeze berries!  Good to know!  Now you can have in-season berries even after apple season starts….

Oh apple season.  I long for apple season.  Autumn love!  I’m seriously ready to break out the cardigans.

6)  Quick!  I have the hiccups and I can’t get rid of them!  Someone scare me!

You’re turning 25 in four days.


Okay…. hiccups gone.

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