tuesday things


1)  I love the Kale-licious smoothie from Whole Foods.  I’ve probably said this before but it’s just one of those things I’ll say again and again so I apologize in advance.

Ohmygoshyum who knew kale could taste this good?!

Okay, I’m done raving…for today.

2)  I was lucky enough to hang out with two lovely ladies this past weekend.  I subsequently had so much good food it was probably illegal.  The sweet, flavorful, refreshing and healthy smoothie shown above was only the beginning.

Yes, I’m sorta bragging but it really pays to have great friends who love great food (and who love to seek it out as much as I do!).

3)  One of our foodie adventures this Saturday consisted of making a pie and watching Waitress.  And yes, we know, we’re awesome.


Heating cream, melting dark chocolate…this could only end in something delicious.

We made a Lavender Chocolate Pie!  It was phenomenal!  A perfect complement to watching Waitress as well.  (A fantastic, witty, and endearing film – not to mention a bit inspiring for a baker – it’s definitely worth seeing if you’re curious!)  The pie went really well with a simple cup of hot earl grey tea too.  However, after watching the aforementioned movie, I have to say I think we should rename it something even more appropriate…like Too Many Bakers In The Kitchen Pie…or Nathan Fillion Is A Cutie Pie….

Ha ha ha…see what I did there?

4)  I think this is just as good a time as any to start gushing about all the tasty things I’m currently crazy about in the realm of food blog recipes.  As usual, I’ve found oodles of good eats and pretty pictures.

Don’t worry, I’m sharing!

As a fitting segue, I think I’ll begin with pie.  Joy the Baker’s latest double crust cherry pie might have me wanting to make a pie even more than that pie-filled movie.  I love cherry pie, it’s possibly one of my top three favorites.  It’s the perfect late summer, just starting to dream about fall pie too.

5)  This next find isn’t pie, but I’m definitely inspired to make it too.  Zucchini pasta in a lemon cream sauce – uh, yes, everything about this sounds amazing!  If cherry pie sounds like a perfect late summer dessert, this veggie-laden dish sounds like a perfect late summer dinner.

6) I can’t say I’m totally ready for summer to be over, but I am looking forward to the change in weather and the possibility of some cooler autumn days.  This garden vegetable soup has me eager for the feeling of fall though –  some exciting adventures while wearing a scarf and hopefully a few steady cold fronts.   Looks like a cozy meal for a rainy day, yes?  I certainly think so.  :)

7)  I recently stumbled upon these quinoa and spinach stuffed tomatoes too.  These look like a must-try, the pictures alone are just beautiful.  Seems like another excellent late summer dinner in my opinion…gosh now I’m really hungry.

Time to ponder what’s for breakfast.


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