tuesday things



Bonkers fresh guacamole and a leaning tower of books surrounded by additional pretty things…it’s safe to say I had a pleasant weekend.

(By the way – Anthropologie – how did you do that?  Because when I have a beautiful cottage in the mountains ha, dream on I would love to DIY that funky installment….just saying…)

Much to my younger brother’s vexation, I could have stayed in that store for hours.  I love their clothing style — and don’t even get me started on their bedding…  the colors! Gah!

But enough of that, let’s get down to business and talk food.

1)  First things first, can we discuss breakfast?  These vegan glazed doughnuts….I need them.  Need.

2)  Okay, now that breakfast has been settled, how about lunch?  These Zucchini Quesadillas look more than a little appetizing.  Also, I need something that is as distinctly “late summer” as zucchini to distract me from my annual autumn-longing…

3)  Speaking of distracting:  Pinterest is such a dangerous place, it’s no wonder I’m not hungry the instant I open my home page.  I follow so many food bloggers, who in turn follow so many other food bloggers…and on and on.  I’m always stumbling onto beautiful – not to mention, mouth-watering – photos and this Eggplant Pomodoro caught my eye right away.  I’m tempted to track down some eggplant for dinner in the near future…..

See how I plan all of my meal fantasies out before the day even begins?  Food-blogging makes for strange habits…

I haven’t even finished my coffee yet. Ugh.

4)  But I have to share my finds, you know?  Bloggers love web-traffic and new readers so I feel like sharing whatever I’m currently crushing on (<– I love those lists) is not only fun for me, but also considerate.  What sort of food-lover would I be to not clue my fellow food-lovers in on delicious things?

Oh and speaking of delicious — these stuffed squash from Bev Cooks?  ….Killer.  I’m really tempted to try my hand at making those soon.  I feel like they would be easily converted to a vegetarian dish without losing their appeal….I’m sure it’s worth testing.  :)

5)  I don’t know what to make of this Berry Almond Kale Granola.  I mean, really…Kale? It seems a little weird, maybe but…I frankly wish I had thought of it or heard of it before now because, as a granola addict, I think I’ve been missing out.

6)  Lastly, and departing from the realm of food….I’m seeking a new nail polish color.  Being indecisive, I reckoned it couldn’t hurt to reach out to the Internet world and ask for suggestions… any thoughts?

Happy Tuesday!

One thought on “tuesday things

  1. I’m not sure if you mentioned it earlier, but there’s a Chronicles of Alexander Hawthorne premier party this coming Friday in Jacksonville. It’s open to the public. Anyone can find additional information on the Alexander Hawthorne Facebook page.

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