tuesday things


1)  Now that I work in a place surrounded by medical expertise (again?), I should probably consult someone about the possibility of an I.V. coffee drip…

It seems like a brilliant idea…at least in-theory.

2)  It is four in the morning and I have absolutely no business pondering dinner, but as on of my fave bloggers says, I’m “currently crushing on” her honey roasted veggie and smoked gouda penne.  I could use that brand of detox, for sure.  Oh and my favorite part is at the end when she says “Cheesus.”

Can I get an “amen”? ;)

3)  Miss How Sweet Eats’s chatting about bonkers indulgent cheese plates has me missing my dear friends in Jacksonville and the swanky tea party we had a few months ago.  We need to get together and do that again, for sure!  This time around I think I want to make a sort of shortbread + jam thumbprint cookie…

and yeah, we totally need a cheese plate.


4)  I blush entirely too much.  Basically every time I smile, which is kinda a lot (a good thing, right?)…

I can’t decide if I find it annoying or endearing. Hrmm.

5)  I love love love The Novice Chef!  (Is that creepy? I hope not, I don’t mean to be creepy, just supportive :/ )  

But back to my immediate point – I saw her post a picture of today’s recipe on Facebook and I’ve been thinking off and on about how much I totally want to make it since.

I mean, homemade lemon danish?! 

Yes, there’s a question mark up there and the answer here is obviously YES.

6)  Don’t even get me started on this salty pretzel vanilla caramel corn by Joy the (freaking awesome) Baker.

This just screams “Autumn!” to me.  I want to get together with my favorite people and munch on this…hopefully after an outdoor walk to admire fall foliage and the crisp breeze…

Ah, wishful thinking.

7) Speaking of which…

Florida, come on, get it together!  Quit being so…you. 

Ugh, I guess it did cool down a little bit….blaaahhh.

8)  In the meantime, I guess I’ll just turn down the AC and bake a batch of these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies….

Yes. Excellent plan.

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