tuesday things


1)  My macaron (earl grey tea flavored – yum!!!) matched my nail polish.  This was cause for celebration.

2)  Of course, the trick is that at Bon Ami Confections I probably could have been wearing any nail polish and still could have found a macaron to match.  Yes! I truly love this little shop and I owe a big thank you to my friend for introducing me to it.  Speaking of Allie, she has just recently joined the blogging world.  My advice to you – keep an eye on this lady, she’s going places. ;)


3)  It’s October.  It’s aggravatingly warm.  I’m watching White Christmas and that’s that.  You know what, Florida?  So there.

4)  I also have an astoundingly inappropriate soup craving.  This white chicken quinoa chili from How Sweets looks fantastic…I’m so tempted to tease out a vegetarian version and eat it for lunches all week.

5)  The Pioneer Woman sure knows her soup.  She posted this list of autumnal temptations and I’m definitely interested in the corn chowder…mmm!


6)  I wish I had a slice of this divine-looking pumpkin coffee cake too.  Like right now, for breakfast.

7)  And if I’m having coffee cake for breakfast, I should probably have this maple ginger rice pudding for dessert… obviously justified – my logic is infallible. Ha.

Happy Tuesday! 

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