tuesday things



This episode of Tuesday Things finds me — so far — unsubstantially caffienated, re-watching the first episode of The Chronicles of Alexander Hawthorneand daydreaming about the remainder of my week (which will happily consist of Disney plans, Christmas baubles, and tasty food).

Speaking of tasty foods, there are a few blog posts I’ve come across recently that have me hard-core foodie-crushing.  Always a pleasant thing. :)

1)  I’ve been curry crazy lately…bah, actually curry crazy for the last few years but over the last two weeks – a little moreso than usual.  Anyway, this cauliflower and chickpea coconut curry from Oh My Veggies justifiably caught my eye and I just had to share it with you.  I think it might be necessary to make this soon…

2)  As per usual, I’m in love with edible perspective’s incredible photography.  These cranberry lemon oat waffles have me seriously craving a brunch day.

3)  On a final note, only because I have to rush out of here quickly, I’m eager to try this maple bacon brussels, pear, and blue cheese salad from How Sweet It Is.   Might be pretty tasty with toasted almonds too….mmm. Yum.

Happy Tuesday!

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