tuesday things

New nail polish, good-morning dark roast, quick sketching sessions…

loving some of life’s pleasant little consistencies.



As for any other things I’m loving lately —

1)  This baked falafel with spicy feta yogurt dip from How Sweet It Is… Oh my gosh, I want this right now.  I absolutely love falafel.  This recipe needs to be tested in my kitchen very soon…potentially today…

2)  I sifting through about a million pins on Pinterest and happened upon this list of 20 Inspiring Vegan Blogs to Follow.  What a great list!  I’ve viewed some of these blogs during my recipe hunting sessions but a few of them I’d never even heard of before (which I hate admitting because the photography is stunning and the recipes make my mouth water)!  This list is definitely worth checking out.

3)  These vegan masala chai snickerdoodles from Oh, Ladycakes have me wanting to get in the kitchen and start baking immediately.

4)  One of my all-time favorite bloggers and California girls – Joy the Baker – is moving! To New Orleans!  I’m glad she’s sharing her journey with those of us who love reading her blog and I’m totally loving this list of moving essentials.  I’m looking forward to seeing pics of her new digs!

5)  These roasted broccoli bowls from Love & Lemons look like a perfect dinner for me.  I love simple recipes with minimal clean-up so this one looks like a winner.

Winner, winner vegan dinner! ;) Ha, I crack myself up.

6)  I just recently bought this shirt from Anthro… and I love it.  If I could wear it every day, I probably would.   Is is bad that I want it in that glorious emerald color too?  :/

7)  Speaking of Anthro – I already have this bowl in purple, but the red is just sooooo prettttyyy….

Nope, I don’t have a problem.


Cheers, internet kids!  Happy Tuesday!

– Love, Ericka


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