Hi there!  I’m Ericka…the compulsive baker, madcap cartoonist, and food-fan behind all the shenanigans that are and will be the Inky Twin Eats blog.  ‘Rika, or Little Ericka as she is also known by her fans, was invented sometime in 2002 and has changed a lot over the years.  However, her purpose has always been the same…you know that voice in your head that says whatever it pleases when you are forced to keep your mouth shut?

You know, all those moments when you really want to laugh or roll your eyes but you’re stuck out in the real world trying to keep a straight face?

‘Rika is the image of that “little voice.”

She’s a fun little character, frankly.  She loves eating, cooking, baking, traveling, reading, watching movies, and being a nerdy quirk.  You may ask why…and well, it’s because she likes everything that I like…just with even more obvious exuberance.

She is certainly exuberant.

You’ll be sure to see a lot of her and her witty *cough* commentary on the site – along with my own observations and ramblings – while I attempt to chronicle my adventures in food, flavor, and foolish doodles.

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